Monday, January 31, 2011

a love story

When my husband and I were dating we talked about our love languages.  What makes us feel loved?  How do we like to express our love to others?  I feel loved when someone does something for me or tells me something nice (Acts of Service and Words of Affirmation).  I tend to express my love for someone with gifts and words of encouragement. (more on that here)

After we got married I found that I had developed a new love language: food.  It sounds like I've been domestically brainwashed but I think it's genetic.  My dad likes to express his love for us by cooking our favorite foods, and his dad used to do the same.  Don't get me wrong- he still hugs us and affirms us verbally, but food is definitely his strongest love language.  He passed that love onto me and now I get to pass it on to others.

My cooking skills have gradually evolved from Betty Crocker cake mix to sticky buns from scratch, but I'm still learning and honing my skills.  Nevertheless, the intent is the same: to show love through food.

The world doesn't need another food blog, so this is less of a food blog and more of a recipe/restaurant archive.  Feel free to comment and ask for recipes and I'll do my best to post them (unless I made up the recipe and can't remember what I did!  Then we'll have to be creative.)   I hope this site helps you express your love to others.

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