Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Taiwanese Pork Chops

My daughter is a pretty good eater (eats a good amount, tries new things at least once) but we still have to nag her to eat her meat and veggies at dinnertime.  Every once in awhile she eats them happily and steadily and it makes mealtime enjoyable.

Last night my husband and I made Taiwanese Pork Chops since we don't get a lot of Taiwanese food around here.  We made four (thin cut) and my daughter was asking for more once they were all gone.  Her first bite was adorable- she put it in her mouth and her eyes totally lit up.  W says his grandmother would have been proud that she liked Taiwanese food.  "Crispy meat," as she calls it, is probably going to be a once-a-month treat.  And we'll probably have to make twice as much.

The flavors in this marinade were spot-on.  We used cornstarch and it was the perfect texture.  Thanks, SHARONLIN!  


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